These procedures shall be used in accordance mental Engineering Concrete Structures and Commentary (ACI with Chapter 21 of ACI )” (ACI. Aci Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. aci ACI 06 ACIR 01 Rec Sec Flexural Crack Width Control Rev00 07 Sep. Flexural Equations ACI Concrete Protection for . Comparison of ACI , ACI , and NRCS TR 67 .

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    Aci 350-06 Pdf

    These procedures address the loading side of seismic design and are intended to complement ACI , Section and Chapter ACI Environmental Structures Code and Commentary. The code portion of this document covers the structural design, materials selection, and construction . Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $; Add to Cart Because ACI is written as a legal document, it be adopted by.

    ACI All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced or copied, in whole or part, in any printed, mechanical, electronic, film, or other distribution and storage media, without the written consent of ACI. The technical committees responsible for ACI committee reports and standards strive to avoid ambiguities, omissions, and errors in these documents. In spite of these efforts, the users of ACI documents occa- sionally find information or requirements that may be subject to more than one interpretation or may be incomplete or incorrect.

    One type of test shall not be substituted for another the outside atmosphere. Standing water in or outside of the needed to assure that the Work will meet tightness require- containment structure that would interfere with the examination ments of Contract Documents.

    The concrete surfaces and concrete joints Contractor shall include the results of tightness testing shall be visually examined by the Contractor for potential performed during the course of the Work and shall be leakage points. Test reports shall potential leakage shall be repaired before filling the containment include test locations in the containment structure, dates of structure with water.

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    Unless otherwise specified, coatings testing, water level measurements, amounts of precipitation shall not be applied until after the hydrostatic tightness or evaporation when applicable , measured temperatures testing has been completed.

    Final reports shall be the containment structure shell shall be visually examined at provided within 7 days of test completion. Interior otherwise specified in Contract Documents, the Contractor liners shall be visually examined for pinholes, tears, and shall prepare and fill the containment structure and provide partially fused splices by the Contractor.

    Integrity testing of access and equipment and make the measurements and interior liners, when required by the Contract Documents, observations for the required testing. Part 1 shall be a qualitative filled to the test level. Seepage at these locations shall be repaired 2. No allowance shall be made in static tightness when required by Contract Documents.

    When a hydrostatic tightness test is required and a particular The flow from any underdrain system, if a system is criterion is not specified, the quantitative criteria shall be: provided, shall be monitored during this same period, and any increase in flow shall be recorded and considered for Default hydrostatic test information as a part of the hydrostatic tightness testing.

    Type of containment structure quantitative criterion Fully lined prior to hydrostatic test No measurable loss 2. If the loss kept full to the level specified in 2.

    Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures

    If any containment structure failing Part 2 of the hydrostatic test water is observed on the containment structure exterior when Part 1 is passed. If the containment structure fails the surfaces, including joints, repaired honeycombed areas and second test or if not immediately retested after the first test cracks, where moisture can be picked up on a dry hand, the failure, the interior of the containment structure shall be containment structure shall be considered to have failed Part observed for probable problem areas by the Contractor.

    The 1 of the hydrostatic test. Repairs shall 2. Part 1 shall be a of more than 35F between the ambient temperature readings qualitative criterion.

    Part 2 shall be a quantitative criterion and at the times of the initial and final level measurements of the the results shall be expressed as the maximum allowable water surface. The test shall also not be scheduled when the percent loss per day of the test water volume, as specified in weather forecast indicates the water surface could freeze 2.

    Measurements roof and surcharged. The surcharge test pressure at the shall be recorded at hour intervals. For other criteria, the test period 3. When a surcharged hydrostatic tightness test is maximum allowable rate.

    The test period need not be longer required and a specific criterion is not stated, the quantitative than 5 days. Volume corrections for shall also have a monolithically placed roof as well as the temperature differences shall be included in Part 2 of the test. The main change impacting cost is the amount of reinforcing steel required now. The amount of wall steel is predicated by the distance between any vertical control joints in the walls, varying from.

    The controlling table is 7. The temperature reinforcing required used to be. This affects slabs on-grade or structural slabs as well as walls that detain storm water.

    350-06 Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures

    The PT slabs that cover the detention tanks are not affected to the best of my knowledge. The table mentioned above does raise the question for walls with vertical control joints as to what the most economical spacing of the control joints would be considering the variation in the requirements of structural steel.

    The minimum vertical steel is listed at. Table 4. The cost implication here is minimal if any.

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