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The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz; 9 editions; First published in ; Subjects: DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). The Family Way [Jayne Ann Krentz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. They'd created a new life together Having a baby was supposed. Unwilling to force her live-in love Case McCord into a proposal of marriage, a pregnant Pru Kenyon decides to walk away from the man she loves, not telling him.

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The Family Way Jayne Ann Krentz Ebook

Expecting a baby was supposed to be the most incredible thing in her life, but for Pru Kenyon, it was bittersweet. Her relationship with live-in love Case McCord. Title: The Family Way Author(s): Jayne Ann Krentz ISBN: / (UK edition) Publisher: Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor. The Family Way book. Read 60 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Expecting a baby was supposed to be the most incredible thing in her.

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Eugenia eyed Cyrus with brooding dismay. He most definitely would get in her way. She could tell that much just by looking at him.

One could not simply ignore a man like this. The shirt alone made it impossible. In the normal course of events, his presence would not have constituted a serious problem for her. An irritation, perhaps, but not a major problem. As Tabitha had pointed out, Glass House was reputed to be quite large. But the business she intended to pursue on Daventry Island did not come under the heading of normal.

She had her own agenda at Glass House, and that agenda had nothing to do with inventorying the Daventry glass collection. Twenty-four hours after Adam Daventry had fallen to his death, his lover, Nellie Grant, had drowned in a boating accident.

Her body had never been recovered. The official verdict was that she had been washed overboard into the icy waters of Puget Sound. There had been some speculation that, despondent over her lover's death, she had committed suicide. Eugenia did not believe that Nellie had taken her own life, and she knew her friend had been experienced with small boats.

The problem was that she could not come up with any other logical explanations for Nellie's death at sea. She only knew she would not be able to sleep well until she got some answers. She was, after all, the one who had introduced Nellie to Adam Daventry.

Any way she looked at it, Eugenia knew that if Nellie had never met Daventry and gone to Frog Cove Island, she would probably still be alive. Colfax can go to the island as a tourist," she suggested in what she hoped was a calm, reasonable tone. Isn't that the way a real professional investigator would go about worming information out of people? But Tabitha's surgically tight jaw became even tighter. Colfax is a very real professional investigator," she said.

They just want a second opinion, that's all. And they want it done quietly. Eugenia made herself count to ten. Just exactly how do you expect us to do that? What sort of excuse am I supposed to use in order to explain why I'm spending my summer vacation with you at Glass House?

Colfax is an assistant curator or anything else involved in the museum business. She kept her pleading gaze fixed on Tabitha. Surely you can see that. Perhaps we could pass him off as a photographer hired to take pictures of the Daventry glass collection.

Photographers are inclined toward eccentricity. Furthermore, there's always the risk that a real photographer on the island might want to talk shop. In which case I'd probably give myself away in the first five minutes. I'm not real good with gadgets. That's a wonderful idea, Mr. I think it has possibilities. Are you talking about you and me? As a couple? The lawyer said his name is Leonard Hastings. He used to work for Daventry. The estate kept him on to look after things, especially the glass collection.

The box she had received that contained Nellie Grant's clothes and personal effects had been sent back to Seattle by someone named Leonard Hastings. She planted her hands on her desk and pushed herself to her feet.

The Family Way by Jayne Ann Krentz

It's insane. Anyone with a slice of brain can see that it will never work. Simple minded. Eugenia tried hard not to grind her teeth.

In spite of the abundant evidence to the contrary, she was very sure that whatever else he was, Cyrus Chandler Colfax was not simple. Her eyes met his, and for a few seconds everything came to an abrupt halt. A frisson of awareness brought all of her nerve endings to full alert.

She knew this sensation. It was the same feeling she got when she looked into one of the first-century B. Egyptian glass bowls on display in the Ancient Glass wing of the museum. There was power here. It drew her even as it set off alarms. In fairness to a civilized society, Colfax should have been required to wear caution flags and a lot of flashing red lights to warn the unwary against approaching too close.

The Hawaiian shirt did not do the job. She was certain that Cyrus's laid-back ways were a facade. She knew that as surely as she knew the difference between fourteenth-century Islamic glass and Chinese glass from the early years of the Qing dynasty.

Jayne Ann Krentz - Author

His strong, ruthless hands and enigmatic green eyes told the real truth. Even as she tried to assess him, he was sizing her up with a hunter's focused interest and intelligence. She was sure that he did not intend for her to learn anything more about him than he wanted her to know. Two could play at that game, she thought. Which meant they had a standoff.

She made one last stab at warding off the inevitable. Why, if I didn't have so many commitments here in Seattle during the next few weeks, I'd be tempted to go in your place. She had no intention of allowing anyone, not even Tabitha Leabrook, to go to Frog Cove Island in her stead. But she needed to be free to pursue her own plans, and that meant she had to be in charge of the situation.

From what little she had seen, Colfax did not appear to be the easily managed type. She picked up the plump, s-era fountain pen she used to sign official correspondence and lounged back in her chair.

When Cyrus did not say anything else, she rolled the fat pen between her palms. She opened her eyes and sat very still. Tabitha's mouth dropped open in shock. We must have that glass. It's an incredible collection. He was not bluffing, Eugenia thought.

If she did not cooperate, he would convince the executors to tie up the estate.

The Leabrook could wind up spending a fortune fighting for the bequest in court. Colfax is not issuing a threat. He's merely telling us what the executors' reaction, will be if he isn't allowed to conduct his investigation. He's threatening us, Tabitha. And it's all moot in any case. I've already agreed to assist him, and not just because it will please the Daventry estate.

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The Family Way

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The Family Way

She is also a member of the Advisory Board for the Writers Programs at the University of Washington extension program. For six years she wrote and mailed proposals for new novels, consistently receiving rejection letters. Pseudonyms and genres Krentz continued writing, and, in , she sold her first novel, Gentle Pirate. As more publishers began to release single-title contemporary romances, Krentz shifted into writing only single-title novels.

Krentz signed a contract allowing one of her publishers to own the name, and, after leaving that publisher, Krentz was unable to use that name on new works for ten years. By the mids she had begun using only her married name, Jayne Ann Krentz, for all of her contemporary romance novels.

The novel was a "classic road trip romance" which just happened to be set in a separate galaxy.